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  • Gianfranco Baruchello, La pietra vi guarda, 1995
  • Naoya Takahara, Doppia 2, 1995 
  • Felice Ludovisi, Genesi, 2003
  • Donatella Scalesse, Area di volo, 2003
  • Pietro Consagra, Ferro bifrontale bianco e Ferro bifrontale arancione, 1977
  • Stefano Di Maulo, Formiche, 2015 
  • Attilio Pierelli, Donna e Xonarinox, 1968
  • Laura Palmieri, Sulle scale, 2011
  • Patrick Alò, Chirone, 2009
  • Francesco Narduzzi, Orto – I, 2009
  • Manuela Feliziani, Ariuola, 2009
  • Giovan Battista Ambrosini, Erba 2, 2004

Tuscia’s Contemporary Art Network is a permanent collection of artworks which is continually augmented by donations or temporary loans. The collection (situated in numerous seats of Tuscia University) was formed with works designed and donated by artists during the I Festival di arte e poesia, Incantesimi (First Festival of Art and Poetry, Enchantments) 1995, in Bomarzo. The objective of exhibiting the works is to enhance their preservation and appreciation and to revitalize their relationship with students, researchers and citizens through research and education.

Currently the largest group of works is situated in Santa Maria in Gradi complex. There are mostly sculptures and installations by international artists: Gianfranco Baruchello, Pietro Consagra, Manuela Feliziani, Attilio Pierelli, Naoya Takahara. Another group of works, created and donated by artists invited to Terra come Arte (Earth as Art) and to the exhibition Horti d’artista (Artists’s Gardens) 2009, is located at the Tuscia Botanical Garden: Patrick Alò, Stefano Di Maulo, Francesco Narduzzi, Attilio Pierelli. Site-specific artworks are created to exist in the Ex-Faculty of Cultural Heritage: the installation by Di Maulo and the mural painting by Laura Palmieri. Moreover, the collection includes paintings by local artists (Felice Ludovisi e Giovan Battista Ambrosini) and a large canvas by Donatella Scalesse.


Scientific Director: prof.ssa Elisabetta Cristallini 

Tel: 0761 357679